About Us…

The Home Care industry–or private duty home care–has over these last few years become a very successful business and it seems only to be growing faster. The major reason for this is that our society has come around to the fact that spending our time and resources in our last years on earth trying to fix our terminal ailments is not effective. It’s better to spend our last days in our homes, away from the hospitalist machine filled with diagnostic tests, multiple specialists and lengthy hospital stays which keeps us away from family and friends, surrounded by well-meaning strangers.

Thus, the elderly and their families turn to the Home Care industry to help them to continue living in their homes. The private duty staff help them with hygiene, dressing, preparing meals, housekeeping and we throw in some therapeutic companionship to keep them well-grounded and enjoying life. It’s a good plan…unless your diagnoses includes dementia with behavioral disturbances. Your options become much more limited. This is because most private duty caregivers are not fully trained and experienced in treating these symptoms. Too many caregivers–and even some healthcare workers for that matter–want to just give them a pill to fix what’s wrong. Too many times that solution is worse than the problem.

We at The AD Partnership want to change that philosophy everywhere we go. We want to be a non-medical Home Care business that specializes in caring for those diagnosed with dementia. By that I mean we will only take on clients with a diagnosis of dementia with behavioral disturbances. Period.

Mick Byers, who will be managing The AD Partnership non-medical Home Care Business, has over 20 years experience in nursing with an emphasis in dementia care. For the last 10 years, Mick has been managing a dementia community with many innovative, non-pharmacological strategies. In fact, in his first year at this position, the need for anti-psychotic medications dropped by 75% and combative residents decreased to almost non-existent.

Mick’s wife, Penny, has the same well-grounded experience as an LNA in the same dementia community. They have been partners in this work for over 10 years.

They incorporate the philosophy and strategies of care from David Troxel and Virginia Bell’s Best Friends Approach to Dementia Care, Alzheimer’s Association’s Habilitation Therapy Training and Mick was trained at Teepa Snow’s Positive Approach to Care Conference in 2019.

Their hope with The AD Partnership is to provide support for those diagnosed with dementia with Behavioral Disturbances. Too often these loved ones are left with few options and end up being overmedicated or admitted to unnecessary medical facilities and end up in physical or chemical restraints, which translates into a spiraling, quickening towards their death. The AD Partnership would like to avoid this tragic story and offer an alternative story of your loved one being cared for with compassion and experience right where they live, so they can enjoy their life without any dramatic changes in lifestyle getting in their way.

We have discovered from our market analysis that, sadly, there is a steady increase in cases of dementia [the majority being Alzheimer’s type] across Vermont and New Hampshire and, as I alluded, behavioral issues make it challenging for the families. Home Care businesses do their best to accommodate, but these folks need more than someone ‘watching over them.’ They need a friend to engage with them, work alongside them and be their partner.

We plan to make this mission a reality using three simple values: we will work with great empathy and compassion, being fully aware of what our friends are going through. We will work with excellence in our work, paying attention to all the details in our care of your loved one. lastly, we will work reliably. Our word is our bond. We will arrive on time and will go the distance every day with our friends.